IET Capital - Credit Resources Page


A Few Brief Credit Notes

(last updated 4/29/09)
  • 740 is the new 720:  To get best mortgage rates you need a 740 now
  • Generally speaking to qualify for FHA or Conventional loans you need a 620 minimum

Breakdown of how the Credit Bureaus weight your credit history in determining your FICO Score




Here are some credit resources for IET Capital borrowers.

  1. Free Annual Credit Report (Free Service)
  2. Bureaus (Requires Payment)
  3. IET Capital (Requires Payment)
    • Click here to go to our payments page
    • Call us at 562 360-1027 or e-mail us to request a tri-merge credit report
  4. Credit Repair (Requires Payment)
    • We do have a trusted partner we recommend for credit repair, Cornerstone Restoration LLC.  To have a representative from Cornerstone Restoration LLC contact you click here
    • If you are considering a Short Sale but are concerned about your credit you need to look into this.
  5. Credit Monitoring (Requires Payment)